Murakami eco-walls and ceiling materials from Japan


Avalux liquid wallpaper for the walls and ceiling, pluses:

Choosing a liquid wall, the client gets a lot of advantages, since liquid wallpaper is an environmental product that according to health is much more useful as opposed to simple wallpaper. Liquid wallpaper is especially recommended for people with allergies, they are made from environmentally friendly materials, plus they do not lose color and does not emit harmful smells.

One of the traditional problems is in the facts that on the walls are often visible seams, but in the liquid wallpaper this is impossible. The walls are covered evenly.

Wallpapers also cover cones and small cracks. Such wallpapers are much more economical. They reduce the need for large preparations. It should also be noted that there is no need to think about the fact that in any place may be some differ.

Liquid walls have an advantage in the fact that the damaged part can be easily removed by wetting with water, removing the damaged sections and re-processing of mass on the skin surface.

Caring for liquid wallpaper is not a problem at all, because it is a damp cloth and cleaned with an ordinary vacuum cleaner can be dome easily. Wet cleaning wallpaper is not recommended except in cases when the walls are covered with a special varnish. Manufacturer’s warranty for the liquid wallpaper is about 10 years.